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Finnish SW Watertowers version 1.0.0
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This scenery contains 10 watertowers in southwestern Finland, between Helsinki and Hanko.

Created 2023-03-01
Size 20.66 MB
Downloads 315
Created by WildLynxPilot
EFEU - Eura airport version 1.0.1
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The Eura airfield (EFEU) is located about 50km southeast of Pori in southwestern Finland. The scenery adds taxiway, apron, parking spots and custom buildings and objects to the airfield.

Created 2023-02-15
Size 61.34 MB
Downloads 365
Created by WildLynxPilot
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The Piikajärvi airfield in Kokemäki, about 40km SE of Pori in western Finland is a very active regional sport flying centre. There is lively gliding and motor-flying activity, often also hanggliders and RC-flying activities.  The EFPI scenery adds taxiways, parking spots and custom buildings and objects to the airfield. 

Created 2023-02-10
Size 26.35 MB
Downloads 367
Created by WildLynxPilot

The glider airfield at Stillberghof in southern Germany was totally missing in MSFS 2020. This add-on adds the field to the simulator with photo-real custom buildings and objects.

Created 2022-12-05
Size 54.18 MB
Downloads 263
Created by WildLynxPilot
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EFNU is a small GA airfield about 40 km NW of Helsinki. Nummela is a lively Airport located on a ridge formed during the Ice-age in the middle of the Nummela town. During the summer, there is a lot of glider activity conducted by the gliding club operating on the airport. Flight training is also on the menu. The runways and taxiways has got new aspahlt in 2020 and there is ongoing building activities at the airfield 

Created 2022-11-22
Size 17.66 MB
Downloads 1,855
Created by WildLynxPilot
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EFOP is a popular GA airfield about 50 km northeast of Turku, about 1 km from the Oripää village. The field is operated by the Flight Club of Turku (Turun Lentokerho). During the summer there is plenty of light aircraft, glider and hang glider activity. Gliders are usually launched using a tow plane, but a winch launch with maximum altitude of about 500 meters (1500 ft) AGL is also used.

Created 2022-11-12
Size 30.04 MB
Downloads 1,347
Created by WildLynxPilot
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Kumlinge airport (EFKG) is located on Kumlinge, an island east of the main Åland islands. The Kumlinge island is one of the largest islands outside the main Åland with about 320 permanent inhabitants. The Åland islands has two airports – the international airport EFMA in Mariehamn and the EFKG airfield on the Kumlinge island in the eastern part of the province. 

Created 2022-11-12
Size 4.68 MB
Downloads 1,042
Created by WildLynxPilot
EFLP - Lappeenranta version 1.1.1
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The Lappeenranta Airport (EFLP) is located about two kilometres west of the city centre of the town Lappeenranta in Southeast Finland. The airport was founded in 1918 and it is the oldest airport in Finland that is still functioning. This scenery adds custom, photoreal buildings and objects to the airfield and changes the surroundings to a more realistic look.

Created 2022-11-01
Size 50.86 MB
Downloads 1,804
Created by WildLynxPilot
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This grass strip lies in the Nurmijärvi municipality in southern Finland, about 40km north of Helsinki close to the Helsinki-Tampere motorway. The field is private owned (PPR).

Created 2022-02-16
Size 23.66 MB
Downloads 507
Created by WildLynxPilot
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EFGE is a small private, grass strip in the Genböle village, situated some 6 km north of the Dalsbruk village and 2 km NE of the Dragsfjärd municipality on the Kemiönsaari (Kimitoön in Swedish) island in SW Finland. The field is private (PPR) and intended solely for light aircraft.

Created 2021-11-21
Size 60.63 MB
Downloads 540
Created by WildLynxPilot
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This scenery contains a depicted version of the Tartu airport at Ülenurme south of the city of Tartu in Estonia. The scenery has been made without personal knowledge of the airport and based on pictures found on the internet only. The buildings resemble the real-world buildings, but as I had no access to photographs usable for texturing, the details might be wrong. The texturing is done mostly with general PBR textures.

NOTE! There is a recent and much more detailed version of EETU made by @JustOxy (Oxy Design) available on 
I recommend using that version instead of mine!


Created 2021-10-26
Size 31.83 MB
Downloads 1,128
Created by WildLynxPilot
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Torbacka (EFTO) is a small, private-owned grass strip in Degerby in Inkoo, about 40 km west of Helsinki, inteded for ultra-light airplanes only. The field also have lots of activities with airmodeling. The field is situated close to the main road 51 from Helsinki to Karjaa.

Created 2021-07-04
Size 16.26 MB
Downloads 584
Created by WildLynxPilot
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The Kymi Airfield (EFKY) is a small GA airfield near the city of Kotka in southeastern Finland.

This version is only a quick-and-dirty enhancement of the field using default MSFS 2020 assets only, to make the placement of taxiways, buildings and vegetation closer to reality.

Created 2020-10-29
Size 27.83 KB
Downloads 820
Created by WildLynxPilot
FISD Library version 1.4.1
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This is a library of common objects used at Finnish airports made by the Finnish Scenery Designers (FISD). 

Created 2020-04-10
Size 16 MB
Downloads 823
Created by WildLynxPilot