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Estonia: EETU - Tartu Airport

Version 1.0.1

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Created 2021-10-26

Created by WildLynxPilot

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This scenery contains a depicted version of the Tartu airport at Ülenurme south of the city of Tartu in Estonia. The scenery has been made without personal knowledge of the airport and based on pictures found on the internet only. The buildings resemble the real-world buildings, but as I had no access to photographs usable for texturing, the details might be wrong. The texturing is done mostly with general PBR textures and are not photorealistic. 

NOTE! There is a recent and much more detailed version of EETU made by @JustOxy (Oxy Design) available on
I recommend using that version instead of mine!


  • Runway, taxiways, aprons and markings close to real life
  • Most of the airport buildings and some of other objects are modeled
  • Available parking spots are numbered according to real life
  • Runway lights, ALS and PAPI for runways 8/26
  • Taxiway lighting and taxiway signs
  • Working fuel station and fuel truck
  • Windsocks and weather data collection equipment correctly placed


You have to install the FISD Library, version 1.4 or later to see some of the objects included in the scenery.


Please, read the ReadMe file before installing!



Version 1.0

  • Number markings on all parking spots and some other apron/ground markings
  • Fuel station re-made and fuel truck functionality added
  • Texturing of three buildings and adjustment in the model of one building
  • Some fences added
  • The car park area refined and street lights added

Version 0.9

  • All textures has been renamed using EETU as a prefix to avoid conflicts with other
  • Some runway markings have been added and some adjusted
  • Two windsocks near the ends of the runway have been added
  • A basic model of the Eesti Lennuakadeemia (Estonian Flight Academy) has been added
  • The living house at the entrance to the airport has been made more realistic