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EFNU - Nummela Airfield

Version 1.6.1

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Created 2022-11-22

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EFNU is a small GA airfield about 40 km NW of Helsinki. Nummela is a lively Airport located on a ridge formed during the Ice-age in the middle of the Nummela town. During the summer, there is a lot of glider activity conducted by the gliding club operating on the airport. Flight training is also on the menu, conducted by the Cumulus Gliding Club. The runways and taxiways has got new aspahlt in 2020 and there is ongoing building activities at the airfield 


  • Enhanced runways according to the current layout of the airfield
  • Airport buildings and many other custom objects, including a model of the artwork ”Total Energy” by Veijo Autio at the car parking area outside the AirMotel.
  • Building and object textures based on photographs taken in-place at the end of September 2020.
  • Airport layout, taxiway network etc. based on the current real-world situation.
  • Custom windsock
  • Runway edge lights, threshold lights and APAPI for runway 22/04 (installed IRL in 2022)
  • Changes in terrain and vegetation to better represent real life

LODs are still missing so  building and objects might not be fully visible from a distance.


Please, read the ReadMe file before installing!



 Version 1.6.1

No changes in the scenery
Copyright and license informaton updated because moving the files to a new site

Version 1.6

Added a starting point for helicopters (new in SU11)

Version 1.5

Edge lights, threshold lights and APAPI lights were added to rwy 22/04. The rwy lights are in function now IRL and the APAPIs will be installed in September 2022.

Version 1.4

The newest building (the second BF-lento hangar) has been added and aprons and vegetation has been adjusted accordingly
The BF-lento hangars have been refined with reflective windows and night lighting

Version 1.3

Vegetation and ground adjusted to look correct in World Update 5 (Nordics)
Redundant windsock introduced by WU5 removed
Tested in WU5

Version 1.2

Some terrain details have been changed (eg. sandy ridge along the north side of 04/22)
New hangar added

Version 1.1

Windsock direction corrected
Windsock pole changed
New runway and taxiway markings according to the new real world markings
Some terrain details have been changed (eg. sandy ridge along the north side of 04/22)
Adjustments of two small taxiways