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EFTO - Torbacka Grass Strip

Version 1.4.2

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Created 2021-07-04

Created by WildLynxPilot

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Torbacka (EFTO) is a small, private-owned grass strip in Degerby in Inkoo, about 40 km west of Helsinki, inteded for ultra-light airplanes only. The field also have lots of activities with airmodeling. The field is situated close to the main road 51 from Helsinki to Karjaa and all air traffic should stay south of the road due to the residential area north of the road. The strip is level and has a well maintained grass surface in good condition.


  • Custom windsock
  • Threshold marking blocks
  • Detailed notice board at the carparking area.
  • Custom bridge on the nearby road
  • Vegetation made close to real life
  • The width of the little brook along the strip has been mad narrower


Please, read the ReadMe file before installing!




 Version 1.4.1

No changes in the scenery
Copyright and license informaton updated because moving the files to a new site

 Version 1.4

Requirement for FISD library removed
Holding points added to enable AI traffic


Version 1.3

Tested and slightly adjusted for MSFS World Update 5


Version 1.2

The scenery is made compatible with the Finnish DEM add-on
The Windsock has been replaced with a more authentic one
Lots of minor improvements in the objects and terrain and vegetation surrounding the airstrip

Version 1.1

Folder structure changed for textures to work in MSFS version or newer