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EFPR - Helsinki East Aerodrome

Version 1.6

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Created 2023-11-10

Created by WildLynxPilot

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Version 1.6  November, 10th, 2023

- Added the new modular office building
- Added the billboard "HELSINKI-EAST AERODROME" between the motorway north of the aerodrome and the start of the runway
Added lights to the big hangar and the office building
Adjusted terraforming behind the buildings and vegetation
Adjusted asphalt versions

Version 1.5 May 27, 2023

- Added new asphalt to the extended runway
- Added asphalt areas on the extened apron
- Changed details on the wall of the old hangar
- Added two new custom buildings: the new hangar and the Aeronam café
- Removed the need for FISD library
- Adjusted vegetation around the airfield

Version 1.4 November 12, 2022

- Starting point for helicopters added  

Version 1.3.1 October 02, 2021

- Vegetation changes  

Version 1.3

- Airport definitions changed to enable removal of double runway introduced by Navigraph. NOTE! This update is useful only for Navigraph users!