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EFHF - Helsinki-Malmi Airport


Version 2.1.2

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Created 2024-05-29

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Version 2.1.2

  • Removes problems introduced by SU15 or the CU7 (redundant trees, sunken coastlines, piers and bridges...)

Version 2.0 is a major update that changes the airport to reflect the situation in 2016 when the airport still was fully in operation. Lots of improvements, additions and changes have been made: 

- Both runways are now in use
- PAPIs and runway edge lights on runway 09/27
- Approach lights activated for runway 27
- All parking squares have been re-drawn in the correct look and correct places
- All parking squares now have the correct numbers painted on the ground
- Some more MSFS parkings have been added (not all available squares, though)
- TWR and GND frequencies are activated (ATIS was already available and the TWR frequency was used as UNICOM in previous versions)
- A working custom fuel truck can be called on  the GND frequency
- Taxiways have been refined and taxiways A and F activated for runway 09/27
- Sign boards have been added along the runways to indicate the taxiways
- Position signs have been added to taxiways A, F and T
- The apron and taxiway asphalt areas have been adjusted and improved
- Several new objects have been added (electricity outlets, fire extinguisher boxes, wastebins etc.)
- The static Airveteran DC3 has been moved to its original parking spot
- New objects have been added around the terminal building (benches, signs, flyer, wastebins, parking area signs)
- The car parking area entrance has been added
- Three special streetlights added to the circular green area at the car parking space
- The CheckIn café hut has been re-modelled
- The roofs of hangar 4 and 5 have new textures, including the HeliTour logo on hangar 4
- Improvements to vegetation in different parts of the airport
- If you have the "Windy Things" add-on installed you will see animated flags on the five flagpoles (


Version 1.7.0 does not change anything at the airport itself, but it 

- removes an oversized windmill south of the airport
- removes trees growing in the water when photogrammetry is in use (introduced by SU8) 
- makes piers and boats visible in most of the leisure-boat harbours in the area
- makes some missing bridges visible
 -makes large common reed areas visible in three important birding areas (one of them directly south of the airport)

Version 1.6.2

    • Minor update: Added a another missing fire extinguisher texture ...
  • Version 1.6.1
    • Minor update: Added a missing texture on the fire extinguisher on the KanAir fuel truck (Sorry for that...) 


  • Version 1.6 is a major update, adding improved models and many new objects.
    These include:
    • The terminal is totally re-built from scratch based on lots of photographs taken in 2019 and very detailed, partly using PBR textures.
    • Detailed real life fences and gates have been added.
    • The clocks on the terminal are now animated and show real (sim) time.
    • Vegetation around the terminal has been modified.
    • Night lighting has been added to the terminal, the fuel station and surroundings.
    • The fuel station has been modelled and is now close to real life.
    • The small KanAir fuel truck has been modelled in detail and parked at the fuel station.
    • Two small buildings and lots of objects have been added.
    • Cracks have been added to all aprons 

  • Version 1.4.8 is a minor update to fix the secondary windsock that was pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Version 1.4.5 corrects an error that caused CTD when taxiing or landing on the closed runway 9/27 and thus makes the scenery Sim Update 7 compatible. LODs are still missing so  building and objects might not be fully visible from a distance.
  • Version 1.4 is an update that work correctly in MSFS2020 World Update 5