The following add-ons are recommended when flying in Finland. The Airport Heightmaps are required by a couple of my sceneries, others just add nicely to the immersion. Download and install if you are flying in Finland!

  • Finland Airport Heightmaps (+DEM) by @Morko
    • The add-on contains heightmaps for all Finnish airports/flightplaces and POI fixes. This is an absolute must for the correct DEM of all Finnish airports! Recommended also with WU15!
  • FISD Library
    • A library of common objects on Finnish airports, originally made by FISD (Finnish Scenery Designers). This libary is required by some of my sceneries, and unfortunately the original link in the readme files have been destroyed at This is the same version that used to be available through those links.
  • Finland EcoRegions by @Tatu
    • This scenery modifies the boreal forests of Finland. The forests are divided in Conifer, deciduous and mixed forests as in Corine Land Cover data. The default MSFS trees are too high and forests too dense, so different biomes for Finnish forests are included. The area expands slightly to the neighboring countries.
  • Flight Obstacles Finland by @FISD
    • adds every flight obstacle in Finland mentioned in AIS documents, except windmills. Flight obstacles included are masts, cranes and chimneys. Also few custom obstacles are included.
  • VFR Reporting Points Finland by @frkristi
    • This Mod adds VFR Reporting Points as Point of Interest and GPS Waypoints for Finland.
  • Finland Seamarks by @Tatu
    • Seamarks and lighthouses along the entire Finnish coast (works together with the Finnish South Coast Lighthouses add-on available on this page)


More Finnish add-ons for MSFS2020 can be found at the following sites:

  • (by country: Finland)
    • airport sceneries, liveries, city sceneries, @Corstens GAmod and more
    • Finnish obstacles, some airport sceneries, sceneries for older simulators
    • @kumihiiri airport sceneries (EFMI, EFKA, EFTP, EFSI, EF01 and EFKS. Note that EFVR, EFVA and ESSB on this site are redundant as better versions are available elsewhere!)
  • EFKU by @aekki
    (Made with default objects. An outdated version so it could have problems in newer MSFS versions. Tested and working in SU13)
  • Orthophoto for EFKU by @aekki


Other Nordic add-ons for MSFS2020 can be found here:

Map to some available Nordic add-on sceneries, specifically in Norway only a few in Sweden and Finland, by Henrik Isaksen

The Baltics