The World Update 15 that was released on November 7th brings new aerial images, improved DEM and new POIs also to Finland. Because of this there will be updates to some of my add-ons. The updated add-ons and changes will be listed here as I go along with testing and releasing the new versions.

NOTE! IMPORTANT! Remove the old versions completely before installing these new versions as the file content will change!

Available updates on November 8th, 2023:

  • EFFO version 1.1
    The replacement aerial image (CGL) was removed as the MSFS World Update 15 contains proper aerial scenery for that area.
  • EFHN version 1.5.2
    The Hanko watertower was removed as it is now included as a POI in MSFS World Update 15. The hangar door is now animated and there are lots of small improvements in the coastlines of the Hanko peninsula and surrounding islands.
  • Finnish South Coast Lighthouses version 1.1
    The Bengtskär and Söderskär lighthouses were removed from the package as they are now included as POI in the MSFS World Update 15. Some small improvements were made to surrounding islands.

New updates on November 9th, 2023:

  • EFFO version 1.1.1
    Adjusted to better blend with the new satellite images and remove redundant vegetation polygons

New updates on November 11th, 2023:

  • EFKK version 1.6.3
    Removed buildings from the middle of the airport, introduced by the MSFS World Update 15. (The MSFS AI obviously thinks that shades in the grass in the new satellite images are shades of buildings...)